Thursday, 24 February 2011

First stall ever...

This is my first stall at the 'Makers Boutique' Brighton. It went pretty well for my first attempt & I learned a heap of helpful tips & I met some ace peeps! This is what it looked like ..

lavender Birds!!

Lavender stuffed birds, made from vintage textiles and beads, finished with a brass curtain ring for hanging...they smell priddy!!

The Italian Job

little sketch of Lady that is in my minds aye..

Today's Painting...

Happy Birthday Card, I think this is the first painting I have actually been proud of. I hope I didn't go too usual! Now I just want to paint all night!

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Hercule Poirot

Why can't i draw Poirot? Is it because i love him too much?

love trees

So back into the woods he went
To do some tree huggin’
But the bark was coarse and full of bugs.
Not soft and warm for nuzzling.

love humming birds

Friday, 4 February 2011

Old timer gordon brown

Cards to keep_Antique Rose Pistol

Cards to keep_Russian Doll_matryoshka doll

Cards to keep_Kat in a wig

Cards to keep_Dog in a hoody

Cards to keep_King kong verses trex

Cards to keep_Magpie

All made with paper i made from the houses recycling...pretty smug!

Cards to keep_Peacock

Birds of paradise

Cards to keep_Ribcage

your love smothers my esophagus

Cards to keep_Birdcage

This is what i uploaded to etsy today...

Pin up costume...

Flamingo costume -

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Sarah's birthday present

For a perfect princess in purple,

   Did you her about the purple prince who was in love with the purple princess? She was locked in the purple dungeon in the purple castle. Which you could only get to by going through the purple forest and the purple swamp, over the purple mountain, under the purple bridge of doom, down the purple alley of regret, slip through t he purple gates of hell and battle the purple goblins of the purple city by a purple light. Well, the Prince had, so he mounted his purple horse rode onto the purple road galloped through the purple forest and the purple swamp, leaped over the purple mountain, cantered under the purple bridge of doom, trotted down the purple alley of regret, raced through the purple gates of hell and jousted the purple goblins of the purple city. The Prince ran down the purple steps to the gates of the purple cell. Beat down the purple bars, kissed the purple princess>at which point he was hit on the back of his purple head by another purple goblin, who pushed the purple prince and the purple princess into the purple cell and replaced the purple bars and shouted, in-di-go...ah RUBBISH typed, i think you really need to hear that one out load, anyway...this is Sarah's dress for her spangled party..xx

First Blog of the season

This was a costume i made for a friend earlier in the year. Features teeth and nose cast from latex. Ears are lined with metal and are therefore malleable. Comes complete with bunny tale...