Monday, 16 January 2012

Club 27 #2 Janis Joplin...

Janis would have been 69 this January...anyone with this much wild hair deserves massive respect...whatta women!! She inspired me to watch my Woodstock DVD again fills me up with admiration every time i watch her powerful performance. Surely she did find somebody to love her? She can wail! Dick Cavett Interview is amazing! It just shows how different life was back then. This is in '69 a year before her overdose. It was a life choice to express yourself freely...seen as freaks and drifters...the divide was so much greater. It's almost to easy to express yourself today, do the music and lyrics really mean anything they make a change? There is so much emotion, love, energy and soul poured into older music...i can't get enough of it! blood n guts baby xx

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