Sunday, 30 October 2011

* Luxury Winter Hood // Bunny White faux fur & vintage dusky rose velvet

This hood is made from the most luxurious & soft faux fur. The colours a scrumptious together. Contrasting a Bunny White coloured fur against warm ducky rose pink in a vintage heavy cotton velvet.
The hood features eight buttons, four covered in the vintage cotton velvet and four faux antique brass shanked buttons. I made a prototype with original brass buttons but it made the hood too heavy.

This gorgeous winter accessory can be worn in eight different ways, it is completely reversible and the four button holes and eight buttons allow for different styles to be created. It can also be a really cozy scarf, just tucked into the neck of a jacket and left to fall at the back.

The hood is really warm and you feel completely glamorous in your winter wonderland.

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