Sunday, 30 October 2011

Yellow, Pink & Blue Feather Hair clip

This hairclip has one dyed pheasant feather approx 10'' long combat green and a bunch of different sized Yellow, Pink & Blue rooster feathers. This features an autumnal hand made flower as the center piece topped off with an opulent gold metallic hand covered button. The flowers are made from many layers of chiffon, shot organza and burlesque tulle.

All secured to a 2'' long alligator clip. I find these more secure and manageable than a traditional comb. There also enable a number of different styles, the can be quickly slipped into the back of a hair do, it can clip either side of the head into a fringe or bangs depending on what side of the pond you are from. I sometimes clip it upside down over my fringe to look like a fascinator band. Basically they're great!

(please remember dyed feathers are not colorfast)

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